Opportunity and Risk in Futures and Options on Futures Trading

NFA Opportunity in Futures

A guide that describes how futures and options on futures contracts are traded and the various ways investors can participate in the futures markets. The guide also includes a glossary of terms.


Some of the topics covered in this writing include:

  1. How the futures markets are regulated and doing business with a "registered" firm
  2.  Introduction to Futures Trading: Futures contracts, how futures market prices are quoted, commodity hedgers and speculators, futures position limits, commodity daily price limits, leverage and margin in futures trading, buying or selling futures contracts (going long or short a commodity), futures spreads and stop orders
  3. How to get started in futures trading: self-directed online account, managed futures account, using a CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor), participating in a commodity pool, opening a futures and options trading account
  4. Handling futures market disputes and NFA's arbitration program
  5. Introduction to options on futures: Option premium, intrinsic value, option time value, understanding options and transaction fees, option leverage, calculating break-even on options on futures, factors affecting which option to trade, buying a commodity option, offsetting futures option holdings, exercising a commodity option, who sells options and why
  6. How to handle a dispute with your futures and options trading account: NFA's arbitration program

Click here to read the NFA's Opportunity and Risk in Futures Trading Pamphlet



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