CME Group Featured Commodity Market News Reports

CME Group compiled commodity news reports and global headlines. 

This futures market newsfeed includes prominant global commodity stories, as well as CME Group commodity research and studies.

  1. France has more debt than any other eurozone nation, and the cost of financing them is about to rise.
  2. Will the Fed keep hiking rates even as equities tumble, or will the central bank be steadfast in beating inflation with tighter policy?
  3. Read a recap of the previous month’s trading activity in the CME Group Palm Oil complex, including volume and open interest in futures, options, and spreads.
  4. Get an overview of BTIC on Bloomberg Commodity Index products, including a look at benefits of BTIC and handling of market disruption.
  5. Commodities are outperforming equities, underscoring their credentials as a hedge against rising inflation, and a portfolio diversifier.

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