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James "Jim" Cramer is an American television personality, former hedge fund manager, and best-selling author. Cramer is the host of CNBC's Mad Money and a co-founder and chairman of TheStreet.com, Inc.  Cramer and Carley Garner of DeCarley trading are colleagues at The Street, and often share market ideas.  Cramer frequently references Garner's futures market analysis on the Off the Charts segment of his Mad Money TV show. 

After a tough week in the oil market, Carley Garner joined Jim Cramer in studio
Are commodities turning the corner? Jim Cramer asked Carley Garner
Are natural gas futures bottoming? Cramer and DeCarley take a look
Bitcoin is not replacing gold anytime soon, according to Garner and Cramer on Mad Money
Booyah! DeCarley and Cramer on Natural Gas Futures
Carley Garner and Jim Cramer "drilled" down on oil and copper futures
Carley Garner and Jim Cramer analyze the S&P
Carley Garner was in studio for an episode of Mad Money!
Carley Garner was in studio for CNBC's Mad Money!
Carley was honored to be a part of TheStreet's investor event hosted by Jim Cramer
Commodity Broker Carley Garner and CNBC's Jim Cramer Analyze Crude Oil Futures
Cramer and DeCarley point out rangebound crude oil futures
Cramer and DeCarley's own Carley Garner congratulated oil speculators on Mad Money
Cramer and Garner discuss the S&P 500 market correction
Cramer and Garner discuss the US dollar's impact on the stock market
Cramer and Garner got to the bottom of the silver squeeze
Cramer and Garner look at the natural gas chart
Cramer and Garner talk Fed Funds Futures, Treasuries, and Stocks
Cramer used DeCarley Trading technical analysis on Mad Money
Crude oil futures speculators holding record net long positions.

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