Fund Your Futures Trading Account

Fund Your Futures Trading Account

Fund a Futures AccountClients are recommended to wire funds because it is the fastest and most secure method of transferring money into a futures brokerage account.  Below you will find the wiring instructions to send funds to each FCM, make sure you are sending money to the one you choose on your account application.


As a division of Zaner, DeCarley Trading is capable of offering multiple clearing relationships for its customers. Because it is the FCM that holds money on deposit to margin client positions, funds should be sent to the FCM (clearing partner) chosen by the client by check or wire.  If you are unsure of who your FCM is, contact DeCarley Trading for guidance. 

*If you will be wiring in a foreign currency (non-US dollar), and are interested in keeping your account primarily in that foreign currency, please contact us for alternative wiring instructions. 

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