Mobile Trading Platforms

Mobile Trading Platforms

Trade on the go with any of our mobile platform offerings!

As technology has improved, so have mobile networks and trading platforms. Today's mobile trading solutions are quick and reliable, making them the perfect tool for traders on the go.

Be sure to contact us before the account opening process to ensure the mobile platform you would like to use will be compatible with the chosen clearing firm.

CQG Desktop Mobile App

A CQG Desktop subscription ($25 per month) grants access to both a web-based futures and options trading platform as well as a related mobile application. The CQG mobile app offersCQG Desktop Mobile Futures and Options Trading Application streaming quotes,  charts, analytics, and even complex order entry. 

Highlights include:

  • Fast login with TouchID/FaceID
  • Push notifications
  • Real-time quotes, charts & analytics
  • Easy-to-use trading and order management
  • Server-side bracket orders



iBroker Futures Options and FOREX Mobile Trading PlatformThe simple, intuitive app for trading Futures, Forex, & Futures Options wherever you are…

Click here to run a demo on this mobile platform and the Zaner360 (you will be able to log into iBroker with your Zaner360 demo login)

iBroker's simple yet powerful design was built by traders, for traders. Whether you want to trade Forex with real time charts and indicators, or just want a price alert when E-Mini S&P futures hit a certain level, the iBroker app has what you need. Simple and elegant controls for entering orders, adjusting prices, reversing positions, and more. Your eyes will easily find their way with an intuitive design adapted to each device.


Barchart Trader Mobile Application

Barchart Trader subscribers ($129.00 per month) enjoy access to high-end features away from their trading computerBarchartTrader Futures and Options Trading Moblie app via a mobile application. 

Feature Highlights - 

* Real-time quote data for futures, forex, and equities (additional exchange fees may apply)

* Electronic futures trading through CQG, supporting over 40 different futures brokers * Streaming real-time quotes for up-to-the-second price data

* Create multiple watchlists to track the symbols you're interested in

* Detailed quote pages with bid/ask, trading range, and technical indicators

* Real-time charts

* Position tracker with today's open positions and a running P/L calculator

* Order execution history for fills cancels, and rejections

* Symbol search



QST Mobile - Quick Screen Trading Mobile

Quick Screen Trading Android iPhone Blackberry Trading Platform


Quick Screen Trading has built a mobile app trading solution that is compatible with Android, Apple, and Blackberry devices!

QST is known for its intuitive and easy-to-use suite of trading platforms developed with the feedback of professional traders. QST Mobile offers real-time streaming quotes, advanced order entry capabilities, news, world-class charting and analytics.


CTS Futures and Options Mobile Platform - T4 Moble

CTS Cunningham Trading Systems Mobile Futures Platform


Cunningham Trading Systems offers a sleek, simple, and robust mobile platform.

Click here to run a demo on the CTS Mobile platform

Want to trade from the golf course, your car, the movies or grocery store without carrying your bulky laptop around? T4 Mobile allows you to do just that. It runs directly on your Android device, allowing you basic trading capabilities from the palm of your hand. With an Android phone, you can make phone calls, surf the internet, listen to your favorite music, send emails, and now, TRADE. Follow market activity, monitor positions, enter new orders and revise existing orders with ease and convenience.

T4 Mobile offers an easy-to use interface that utilizes touch screen technology. Just like T4 desktop, T4 Mobile offers real-time market access to every exchange CTS offers. In addition, you get real-time order submission, and a back-end that offers extreme reliability. If you are an existing T4 user, T4 Mobile is available to use now. The same username and password can be used for all T4 products.


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