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DeCarley Trading is dedicated to educating traders about the risks and rewards involved in trading futures and options.  We present online trading seminars (webinars) for several popular trading websites and services on a regular basis.  In the process, we have compiled an archive of classes we've hosted covering topics ranging from getting started in futures, to option selling spreads, and naked strategies.  Here is a list of some of the topics we've discussed in these educational events:

  1. The benefits of trading futures over equities
  2. Key differences  between trading options on futures and options on stocks
  3. Do's and don'ts of commodity option trading
  4. Selling options
  5. Trading option spreads
  6. Trading like a "girl" through conservative market choices, strategy and position sizing
  7. Synthetic option trading
  8. And more!
  • Archived Futures Trading Webinars

    Futures Chart AnalysisDeCarley Trading operates on the premise that an educated client, is a better client.  Our goal is to ensure traders know exactly what their risk and reward prospects are before putting their hard earned money on the line.  Further, we do our best to help traders avoid the common pitfalls in futures, options, and day trading.  If you are interested in learning more about trading, various strategies, and market analysis techniques, please enjoy these video archives of previously recorded live educational classes. 

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  • Upcoming Futures Trading Webinars

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