Global Economic Data News and Reports

Whether you are trading currency futures, energies, grains, Treasuries, or the stock indices, it is a good idea to keep tabs on the global landscape.  

The CME Group provides this feed chock full of economic data from around the globe to aid commodity traders in keeping up with the latest global economic trends.  

Insights and Analysis
  1. A currency tends to rise against its peers when its country contains the spread of the virus, and this is reflected in moves in the dollar, euro and yuan.
  2. The world's second largest economy looks to have found its footing after tumbling like the rest of the world, but can China's growth be sustained in 2021?
  3. See what's happening in CME Group Agricultural markets, from our recently launched South American Soybean futures to our newly announced Pork Cutout futures and options.
  4. The Russell 2000, a measure of small-cap US stocks in the Russell 3000 index, often outperforms the large-cap S&P 500 during times of economic turbulence.
  5. Commodities from gold to oil to soybeans could be tested by factors such as inflation, pace of growth and weather patterns that might heighten volatility.

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