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Market Savvy, Intelligence, and Know-how are key to a successful trader!

But, what good are they without the proper tools and the knowledge to use them?

Technical Market analysis has long since progressed beyond paper charts and mechanical tools. In the last decade, technical analysis has been brought to an art form, well beyond anyone's imagination. In these times of backtesting, charting, online execution and a myriad of trading techniques, who can afford to waste precious time learning a difficult program only to ultimately learn its shortcomings? We have a solution.

The Trade Navigator is a program based on experience, trader input and an inexhaustible enthusiasm for success! In our 20 plus years of providing data and analysis software, we have acquired a tremendous following of well-known traders who have found Trade Navigator to be the answer to their charting needs.

We know there are many choices in technical analysis software, we know that change can be difficult, BUT look at what you have to lose by not using Trade Navigator™.

  • Superior technical support and assistance.

  • The cleanest data around - bar none! 

  • Custom filtering, charting and indicator options that have yet to be matched.

  • Lifelong support, service, and backing from a company that knows what trading is all about!

Trade options and futures with Trade Navigator by Genesis Software.





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