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Oak Desktop

Oak Desktop Futures and Options Trading Platform

Oak Desktop Trading Platform

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Click here for a video overview of the Oak Desktop futures and options trading platform

Continuing with the spirit of innovation, Oak Desktop was designed with the professional trader in mind. New benefits include option boards, depth of market, and a highly flexible user interface.

Oak Desktop was developed in the Microsoft .NET framework, which allows users to take advantage of one of the fastest languages available to Windows' users. The increased speed and reliability enable traders to make quicker and more accurate trades.

Fully Equipped Trading Platform

  • Cost effective
  • Secure Server
  • Easy to use interface
  • Realtime market data
  • Implied price coloring
  • Adaptable performance to fit individual computers and Internet connections

Business Logic/Risk Analysis Middleware

  • Individual margin and trading permissions
  • Orders checked for real-time buying power
  • Each account re-margined intra-day
  • Complete order history information and account info
  • Customer ability to sort/filter orders by their own criteria
  • Ability to execute give-up and allocation orders
  • Order "parking"; ready to send order with one click

Quote Board

View outright, spread, and option quotes

Waterfall Order Entry

View full depth of market, place orders with the click of a mouse

Order Management

View parked orders, working orders, and filled orders

Account Info

View real time account information within Oak Desktop

Server-Side Order Entry

If for any reason your computer fails, your parked orders will be saved on our servers for immediate recovery.

Always Updated

Updates to Oak Desktop are integrated in the launch, ensuring you are using the latest version.

Click here for a video overview of th Oak Desktop futures and options trading platform




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