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OakWeb Web based futures trading platform

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The OAK System offers a "One Screen Solution", providing customers the ability to route orders to any connected exchange. OAK provides easy access via the Internet , alleviating the headaches associated with running third-party software, such as downloading, installation, ongoing maintenance and system re-configurations.

    Internet-based Front End

  • Cost effective because it eliminates the need to run third-party software or limit hardware specifications.
  • Secure Server
  • User friendly interface

    Business Logic/Risk Analysis Middleware

  • Individual margin and trading permissions 
  • Orders checked for real-time buying power
  • Each account re-margined every 10 minutes
  • Complete order history information and account info 
  • Customer ability to sort/filter orders by their own criteria 

    Special Features

  • Main Order Entry Screen: Simplified and easy to use for a wide range of trades. Search features help finding commodities and month, while audio and visual alerts are provided to add an extra level of comfort and security. The status of the order is acknowledged from point of entry until final destination.
  • Rapid Order Entry Screen: Ideal for professional traders where time is essential or for an order desk for high volume order entry. 
  • Parked Order Screen: Allows users to maintain multiple preset orders on a single screen giving you the ability to enter your order at once with 2 clicks of the mouse. The OAK Systems' second tier combines some of the most comprehensive and advanced features, with built in business management and Risk analysis. 
  • Multi-User Configuration: The OAK System provides the capability to configure individual or multiple users with specific margining and trading permissions. OAK has the flexibility to incorporate , on the fly, different trading parameters for any type of trader.

Click here for a movie demonstration of this platform



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