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Commodity Options the Book (OUT OF PRINT)

It isn't free, but it's close! If this book saves you 2 ticks, you've recouped your investment.  


Commodities are hot, as Jim Rogers would say.  Stagnant stocks and the massive bull rally in raw commodities have lured much of the attention away from Wall Street and toward down-town Chicago.  It is difficult to turn on the television or open the newspaper without being reminded of the impact that commodity prices have on our daily lives.  

Traders are starving for simply written and comprehensive information on commodity speculation through options.  Unfortunately, most option trading literature is focused on the equity markets. There are very few books written that cater to commodity option traders and even fewer that are capable of pointing out the differences between the two arenas and guiding traders through the transition from stocks to commodities.  This is that book.   

Trading Commodity Options is a must have resource for those attempting to profit from the ever-evolving commodity markets.  Although the content is challenging, the language and organization avoids the normal levels of frustration that often comes with this type book.    

Trading Commodity Options will take the reader on a journey through the nature of the commodity markets; from there the reader will be introduced to standard commodity options theory and work their way through complex strategies and concepts such as Iron Condors, Butterflies and Ratio spreads.     

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