Panel of Commodity Industry Veterans Discussing Super-cycles

Futures market analysts Phil Flynn, Dennis Gartman, Carley Garner, and Dan Gramza chat about the boom and bust of commodity super-cycles


Commodity markets can provide interesting trading opportunities, particularly in the current environment. This panel of experts will explore key issues that informed commodity traders should be aware of when trading these exciting markets. Some of the issues covered will be:

• What is a commodity super-cycle and are we at the beginning middle or end of it?
• Is it possible the media’s focus on inflation fanned the flames, and maybe even created a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy?
• How important is an understanding of term structures to investing and trading in the commodity markets?
• How important is the dollar’s role in commodity trading?
• What are the important clues that the neglected oats market tells us about the grain market generally?
• What is the difference between cryptocurrencies and gold and why does it matter?
• Is crypto a commodity or a currency, and does crypto have a future?
These topics and more will provide you with a broad overview of trading commodity markets.



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