See Commodity Broker Carley Garner at the MoneyShow in Las Vegas

From May 13 - 15 Carley Garner, a veteran futures broker with DeCarley Trading, will be attending the Las Vegas MoneyShow. Join her, and over 100 other knowledgeable trading and investing pros to share market analysis and strategy ideas. Registration and attendance are free, see Carley's speaking schedule below (one paid session and one free session). 

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Tuesday, May 14th, @ 9:30 am to 10:00

Something Big Is Coming to Equities Trading - Micro E-mini stock index futures!See Carley Garner and Jon Najarian at the MoneyShow Las Vegas

CME Director of Education, Dave Lerman, will host a panel with trading experts Jon Najarian (Dr. J) and Carley Garner to discuss several key topics for active traders and position traders, including CME's Micro E-mini Equity products, launching in May. If you're interested in discovering the benefits of futures, for a fraction of the up-front financial commitment, this panel is for you.

Tuesday, May 14th, @ 3:45 pm - 6:45 pm Pacific time

Strategies for Trading Futures & Commodities (this class is fee-based)

In this Master Class, two top futures and commodities veterans will share analysis and trading strategies intended to minimize risks without missing market opportunities.

In the first half of this Master Class, Carolyn Boroden, the Fibonacci Queen, will cover how she identifies current trade setups in commodities and financial futures using Fibonacci ratios. She will present, analysis starting with blank charts and illustrate how she sets up her work every day in the markets. The analysis will include running the Fibonacci price relationships and finding price clusters, along with time analysis to anticipate changes in trend.

In the second half of the class, veteran commodity broker, Carley Garner, will show you how to trade covered calls in the commodity markets. Stock market investors often participate in covered-call strategies in which they give up potential gains for the luxury of added income and a downside risk buffer. Commodity traders looking to construct a similar strategy will need to make alterations to better fit the characteristics of the futures and options on futures markets. Ms. Garner will discuss the key differences between trading stocks and commodities and how to construct a covered-call strategy to mitigate futures market leverage and volatility.

Ms. Garner will cover the advantages of trading futures relative to stocks, how to overcome disadvantages of the futures markets, creative ways to manage risk and leverage in the commodity markets, and how to design a covered-call strategy in commodities that offers income and limited risk.

Regardless of the asset classes you currently trade, all traders should be educated on futures and options on futures because of the insights they provide into many different asset classes.

This is a paid session: $109 per person if purchased by April 22; $139 per person if purchased after April 22. Includes refreshments.


Wednesday, May 15th @ 2:15 pm - 3:00 pm Pacific time

How to day trade the E-mini S&P with Limited Risk and without the risk of premature stop outs (this class is free to attend)

Day trading is both the most difficult form of speculation, but it might also be the most financially rewarding for those few who have what it takes. The dismal odds facing day traders often stems from the peril of premature stop outs; or simply a scenario in which a trader is forced out of a position by an elected stop loss order only to watch the market move favorably afterward. Anybody who has attempted to day trade will tell you, this is a common occurrence. Not only does a premature stop loss exit realize losses in a trading account it triggers emotions that are generally detrimental to a trading account such as revenge, fear, and anger. We've found a way to avoid premature stop outs to give traders lasting power and peace of mind. Join us to learn about day trading weekly E-mini S&P 500 options.

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