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Carley Garner, an experienced commodity broker, will be delivering a speech at the 2018 New York Visit futures broker Carley Garner at the TradersEXPO in NYC!TradersEXPO titled: "How to Modify a Covered Call Strategy for Commodity Trading". 

The session is free to attend, simply register by clicking here. 

 When: Monday, February 26th @ 5:45 pm PM - 6:30 PM

The TradersEXPO is a three-day conference designed specifically for active traders and has taken place in New York for 16 years running. The 2018 expo will highlight global macro, cryptocurrencies, and futures trading. Before and after our presentation, registrants will have access to an interactive exhibit hall to shop the latest in trading tools and services.  

We hope to see you there!



How to Modify a Covered Call Strategy for Commodity Trading

Join us to introduce the concept of using short commodity options to hedge the exposure of holding long or short futures contracts. Although stop-loss order placement is a popular risk management technique, some traders believe such an approach may act as a limitation obstacle. After all, stop-loss orders on futures contracts are only executed if the commodity market moves adversely to the position. In addition, they tend to be elected on sharp, but temporary, moves resulting in unnecessary trade liquidation at unfortunate prices. Perhaps a more viable strategy is the practice of selling commodity options against (in the opposite direction) long or short futures contracts. Doing so works toward a reduction of position volatility, shifts risk further away from the current market price, provides lasting power during adverse market moves, and can potentially increase the potential of a commodity trade.

This futures trading class covers the following topics:

• Covered calls in stocks vs. futures
• Constructing a bullish or bearish futures strategy hedged by short options
• Using technical and seasonal analysis to increase the odds of success of a covered call or put strategy
• Determining the quantity and strike price placement of short options for each futures contract
• Understanding position delta, and determining a neutral or directional bias
• Being aware of the risk of a runaway market and/or excessive commodity market volatility



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