Our S&P and NASDAQ Charts on Mad Money

DeCarley Trading Technical Analysis on Mad MoneyJim Cramer's "Off the Charts" segment used Carley Garner's S&P and NASDAQ chart analysis in the May 13th show!

"I don't believe in sell in May and go away," the "Mad Money. But Carley Garner is a terrific technician and her chart work warrants serious consideration. Frankly, given the speedy run to record highs, there's nothing wrong with a little caution here." ~ Jim Cramer Host of CNBC's Mad Money


DeCarley Trading works hard to provide clients with quality insight into the markets.  One of our recent issues of the DeCarley Perspective focused on this topic was featured on CNBC's Mad Money on May 14th.  The DeCarley Perspective is a publication distributed exclusively to DeCarley's brokerage clients.  If you are interested in being part of the loop, open a trading account today!



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