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Learn about automatic trade journal software, Journalytix

Keeping a futures and options trading journal doesn't have to be tedious and time-consuming!


Peter Davies of Jigsaw Trading discusses their new automatic trade journaling software.

Journalytix is new software that simplifies the process of keeping track of personal commodity trading statistics. We believe many of our clients might find this software extremely beneficial. Accordingly, DeCarley Trading has invited Peter Davies, the developer of Journalytix software, to present a webinar focused on highlighting the advantages of using the software and a basic overview of its features.

The Journalytix software is capable of pulling data of executed trades directly from the Zaner360 futures and options platform in real time. The data is then compiled to create a user-friendly interface for tracking trades, keeping notes on lessons learned, viewing P&L and risk charts, and much more.

Join us on October 25th to find out more about using Journalytix with your DeCarley Trading futures and options account.




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