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How to choose the right futures trading platform

There is more to choosing a commodity futures and options trading platform than flashing lights and exciting sound effects.

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Beginning commodity traders often pour countless hours of research into developing a futures and options trading strategy, but few put much effort into choosing an appropriate trading platform. Join us to discuss the key aspects you should be considering when choosing a platform and underlying brokerage arrangement; including many overlooked aspects that can have a significant impact on your experience and bottom line.  We will also explore many of the popular trading platforms available to traders and highlight their advantages and disadvantages. Unfortunately, there isn't such thing as a perfect commodity trading platform for most traders, but we'll discuss what should be a priority in your hunt for the best fit.

 Some topics covered in this commodity trading webinar will include:

  • What is really important when choosing a futures and options trading platform?
  • Implications of platforms and clearing arrangments.
  • Trading platforms and margin (order entry approval method).
  • Is it worth paying for an upgraded platform?
  • What option sellers should be looking for in a trading platform.
  • Option spread trading in a commodity platform.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of popular trading platforms. 
  • Mobile futures trading platforms
  • Web-based futures and options trading platforms (Mac compatible)



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