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Complimentary video: Trading Commodities Like a Girl

Carley Garner, futures broker at DeCarley Trading, discusses the advantages and disadvantages of trading futures, using leverage, and hedging with options. 




Trading futures and options is a game of odds; if you are not doing everything you can to put the odds in your favor then you are putting the odds in the favor of other market participants…your competition. Carley Garner, an experienced commodity broker, believes that humility is the secret to increasing a futures and options trader's probability of success because it encourages traders to accept the potential of inaccurate speculation. Join us to discuss the practice of trading commodity futures and options in a manner that reduces risk and increases the prospects of success. Garner will be discussing many concepts highlighted in her latest book, “Higher Probability Commodity Trading”.


Topics discussed will be:

  1. Why Trade Commodities?HPCT Cover 350x450
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of trading futures vs. ETFs and Commodity Stocks
  3. Simple Trading Rules to Live (or Die) by
  4. Deleveraging Speculation with Common Sense
  5. Using the Versatility of Options to Reduce Position Volatility
  6. Options Give Traders "Options"
  7. The Only Magic in Trading: Humility



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