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WTI crude oil market analysis

WTI crude oil market analysisComplimentary Trading Video: What you really need to know about trading crude oil

Crude oil is the quintessential commodity; it is frequently discussed on business television, trading forums, and even around the water cooler. Yet few fully understand how to gain price exposure in an efficient manner.  Further, most traders fail to recognize the true market movers. While some are focused on OPEC and rig counts, seasoned traders understand the importance of the currency markets, seasonal tendencies, and the Commitments of Traders Report in energy market speculation. Join us on September 8th to discuss WTI crude oil market analysis.



Major talking points:

  • OPEC & Supply/Demand Fundamentals
  • • Crude oil seasonal tendencies
  • • What to look for in the crude oil COT Report
  • • What impact does the US dollar have on oil prices?



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