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Managing your emotions in futures trading

trading emotions smallManage your emotions, then manage the trade: Trading Psychology does matter


Traders spend countless hours paper trading, studying charts and dissecting fundamentals but they often fail to prepare themselves for 90% of the challenge...emotion. DeCarley Trading believes that success is only minimally determined by strategy and knowledge. As a result, it is critical to be aware of the potential emotional obstacles that come with active trading, attempt to prevent them, identify them when they arrive, and behave accordingly. Join us for a discussion on effectively managing emotions before, during and after a trade.



Some of the topics covered will be:

o Psychological preparation for leveraged speculation

o Steps to keeping a clear mind before, during, and after a trade

o Tips to avoid the feeling of panic while trading

o Examples of emotional trading decisions and how to prevent yourself from making the wrong choices at the worst time

o And more...





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