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Option Trading 201, Spreads and Strategies

Trading Option Spreads and Strategies with Big Mike's Trading Forum

Part 2 of 2, Getting Started in Option Trading

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In Option Trading 101 hosted in by Big Mike's Trading forum, we covered the basics of option trading such as defining outright calls and puts, the advantages and disadvantages to options, evaluating market conditions, and thinking outside of the box. 

To review part 1 of this option trading series, please visit the archive (click here).

There are an unlimited number of "options" available to option traders.  Through combinations of long and short futures and options, traders of all types, sizes and skill levels can create an appropriate means of speculation.  Join us on February 25th to discuss the following topics:

  • Using short options to finance long options
  • Selling options to provide room for error in option positions
  • Trading debit spreads - Adjusting bull call and bear put spreads with additional premium collection
  • Trading examples with risk and break even analysis

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*There is substantial risk of loss in trading futures and options! 




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