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Click here to run a demo on the Patsystems J-Trader futures platform

J-Trader ReflectorAs a trader you need access to the world's leading derivatives exchanges including CBOT, CME, Eurex, Euronext.liffe and more. You need fast, straight-forward order entry and management with real-time quotes, positions and P&L, and you need the ability to trade Mini S&P, FTSE100 and all other major indices. J-Trader meets all of your needs.

A widely distributed and market-leading application, J-Trader is simple to deploy, easy to use, and provides all the functionality you would expect of a successful and versatile front-end. It is the ideal all-purpose trading tool.

J-Trader provides direct access to all the leading exchanges and includes the following benefits:

  • Multi-exchange, multi-market, real-time trading worldwide
  • Advanced functionality, such as multi-exchange spreading and one-click scalping
  • Customizable windows
  • Real-time profit and loss
  • Protection of orders with trailing stops and brackets
  • Real-time position update
  • Integrated advanced charting functionality with over 70 technical indicators, efficient backtesting and flexible representations including candlesticks, bar charts and Market Profile
  • Single and multiple account trading

Click here to run a demo on the Patsystems J-Trader futures platform


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