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Zaner Group, LLC's dedication to producing the premier futures trading software in the industry was driven by our relentless pursuit of satisfying the needs of active traders and developing a trading platform that would truly set us apart in the industry. The result is our Zaner360. Zaner360 is an easy-to-use application that handles all of the complexities associated with trading and order management. Our latest release offers all of the features you need in your futures trading software and even some that you might not even know existed:Zaner360 DOM Panel

  • Depth of Market
  • Automated/Algo Trading
  • Custom Indicators
  • Bracket Orders
  • MEME Strategies
  • Contingency Orders
  • Option Spread Trading Capability
  • Option Chains
  • Implied Volatility
  • Enhanced Charting with Auto Backfill
  • Block Allocation
  • Direct Market Access
  • AutoX
  • Advanced Orders
  • Quotes
  • Microsoft® Excel DDE
  • Communication
  • Custom Indicators
  • Detailed Trading Reports
  • All Orders Held Server Side
  • Volume Histogram
  • COM interface
  • More...

Many software providers today charge a monthly fee to use their software regardless of whether or not you actually complete a trade that month. Worse yet, some software providers actually charge a minimum usage fee. This creates an unnecessary and costly expense that traders need to bear.

Zaner Group, LLC feels so strongly about the value of our software to traders that we never have, nor do we now, charge a "monthly" or "minimum" usage fee to use the Zaner360.

Options on Futures Greeks and Implied Volatility

In the past, commodity options traders were forced to pay premium platform subscriptions to access the option Greeks and IV readings.  However, traders utilizing the Zaner360 are granted easy access to this data directly from the option chain and quote board for those who desire to look at a single option at a time. 

Commodity Options Chain with Greeks and IV

Trade Commodity Option Spreads on a Single Order Ticket

The Zaner360 offers option traders the ability to place futures options spreads as a package on a single ticket.  For instance, a trader wishing to execute a vertical call spread, could do so using an option spread builder with estimated bid and ask quotes to help determine fair pricing. With this tool, trading options on futures ratio spreads, iron condors, vertical spreads, diagonal spreads, and more can be done with a few clicks of the mouse.

Trade options on futures spreads with our commodity trading platform

Depth of Market

Zaner360's Depth of market tool allows you to apply complex trading strategies (OCO, GTC, FOK, IOC STP LIMIT, Trailing Stops, Brackets), launch associated contract charts, and customize the display to meet your trading style.

Please hover on each of the numbered circles to view a brief description of each part of the Depth of Market window.

Futures Charts and Charts on Options

Our built-in charting functionality gives you a rich view of market activity. Choose from ten different chart styles, more than three dozen indicators, and create an unlimited number of alerts to maximize analysis. Zaner360 cutting-edge technology allows you to trade and monitor your order flow directly from your chart.


  • Historical Intraday Data and Daily Data
  • Auto Backfill
  • Customizes Layout
  • More Than Three Dozen Indicators
  • Ten Different Charting Styles
  • Unlimited Price Alerts
  • Trade Basic and Advanced Orders from Charts
  • Histogram button in the toolbar.
  • Automatic and custom time intervals.
  • Optional alignment by start session time.
  • Switch between time zones.
  • Object list dialog to manage placed drawing objects.
  • All line-based drawing tools can be used in Alert expressions.
  • Multiple contracts on one chart.
  • Available Indicators
  • Channels
  • Moving Averages
  • Oscillator
  • Prices
  • Trend Followers
  • Volatility
  • Volumes

Drawing Tools

  • Fibonacci
  • Gann
  • Andrew's Pitchfork

Trade Futures from the chartTrade from Charts

Zaner Group, LLC offers you the functionality to trade directly from our built-in charting module. Use our cutting-edge technology to easily monitor your order flow directly from the chart. Our charts provide full ordering capabilities including modifies, cancels, brackets, and trailing stops.

Block Allocation

Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs) and professional trade managers can create allocation block accounts directly from the Zaner360 from their existing list of accounts. The manager can then trade directly into the block account and these trades are automatically allocated to the correct accounts per the manager's defined rules. This function eliminates the need to communicate with the back office and ensures accuracy allowing the manager to focus on trading not reconciling out trades.

Direct Market Access

We are committed to providing you with the fastest data and trade executions. That's why we provide true direct market access (DMA) to all our offered exchanges.

Including: CME, CBOT, EUREX, NYBOT, NYMEX, COMEX, KCBT, MGEX, ICE, Euronext London, and Euronext Paris.

Advanced Orders

The Zaner360 provides a full suite of advanced orders that can be used to execute and preserve your trading strategy.

Select futures order types from the following list:

  • Brackets
  • Trailing Stops
  • OCOs
  • MOO and MOC for both pit and electronic
  • Iceberg
  • Time conditioned orders
  • Park orders
  • Upload basket orders
  • Different symbols and sides for OCO orders.
  • Advanced orders, like Trailing Stop, can be a part of OCO.
  • MIT (Market-if-Touched)
  • OSO (One Sends Other)

Scale In / Scale Out

The Scale Function allows traders "single click" functionality to adjust positions, protective stops, and limits. Active traders can scale in and out of positions using the Zaner360's "Scale" functionality and not worry about having to manually adjust stops and limits. This customizable feature automatically adjusts your working protective stop orders and limit orders as you scale in and out of your core position.

Park Orders

Enter Orders 24 hours a day even for pit markets. These orders will be held server side until they are released at market open.


Enter as many orders as you like, park the orders, un-park, and release the orders when you want them to begin working. Enter buy AND sell orders in anticipation of news or events and release the appropriate set based on the resulting market reaction to the news.

Upload Basket Orders

Upload multiple order details across any contracts from Excel in one bulk load right into the Zaner360 for easy order generation and execution.

CTAs and professional traders who generate large baskets of system orders now have a way to easily and efficiently manage this order flow and ensure the accuracy of large batches.

Streaming Futures, Options, and FOREX Price Quotes

Access to timely market information is important. Our quote module comes with our application download and requires no other subscriptions to external data vendors.

Quotes are streamed in and can be configured to show every market tick. The quote display is fully customizable. Include any contract and define your column setup and order. Set Customized price alerts based on your trading strategy.

Enhanced Pricing Engine

Zaner Group, LLC, LLC is continually enhancing our pricing engine to increase the speed , reliability and accuracy of the data we provide for the Zaner360 Charts, quotes and to our 3rd Party Interfaces.

Microsoft® Excel DDE

Microsoft Excel can be linked to a value or data point in the Zaner360. When the value or data point changes, it is automatically updated in the Excel spreadsheet. All of the functions available in the API are now directly accessible in Excel.

  • Drag-n-drop values from Zaner360 to Excel
  • Drag-n-drop DDE links from Zaner360 to Excel to complement DDE functionality and support advanced commands in 'electronic table' manner.
  • Easily Add Streaming Quotes
  • Easily Create Charts
  • Leverage all of the Advanced Order Functionality from the Zaner360

Communicate with your Broker via Instant Messenger

Communication can be a key element in a successful trading session. That's why we put instant communication with our broker desk at your finger tips.

Zaner360's built-in Instant Messenger function allows traders to communicate instantly with our brokers questions about trading our or software can be handled seamlessly without ever leaving the trading software.

Receive real-time research feeds and set up your application for audio and visual alerts.


Custom Technical Indicators

EasyLanguage, Sophisticated Function.

Zaner360's Custom Indicators gives you the power and compatibility of TradeStation's EasyLanguage and the resources and function of the Technical Analysis Library. Whether you are just beginning to explore custom indicators or you have been creating and writing code for a while, Zaner360's Custom Indicators gives you the tools and functionality to take your trading to the next level!

Technical Analysis Library (TA-Lib)

Zaner360's Custom Indicators plug-in connects the TA-Lib to Zaner360's Charts. TA-Lib provides common functions for the technical analysis of financial market data. Find more than 150 technical analysis indicators such as ADX, MACD, RSI, Stochastic, and Bollinger Bands. TA-Lib also includes candlestick pattern recognition.

Simple Custom Analysis Techniques

Zaner360's Custom Indicators gives you simple tools to customize indicators without programming. Just type your formula in the appropriate property dialogue window.

Simple Indicator

Select ‘Expression' in the property box and write your formula in the dialogue box.

Then you can choose to customize your indicator's appearance and even give it a "nickname" or short name.


Select a function directly from the indicator tree and drag and drop it into the ‘Expression' editor.

Show Cases

This analysis technique highlights the occurrences or points in history that reflect your criteria or meet the specified conditions of your indicator.

Rapid Custom Indicators

Write your own custom indicator in the Rapid Custom Indicator Wizard. The parameters, names, style of lines, expression, and other properties of Rapid Custom Indicator can be modified at any time via the Custom Indicator Library window.

.NET Custom Indicator Framework

Zaner360's Custom Indicator framework is a .NET library that provides full access to Zaner360's Charts indicator infrastructure. This allows you to write a single-line indicator, as well as an advanced analysis tool with complex custom drawing functionality. To support developers, the plug-in contains integrated development environment, developer documentation, and samples.

Custom Indicator Library Manager

Zaner360's Custom Indicator plug-in also manages a source code library of advanced custom indicators.

EasyLanguage ™ Compatibility

Zaner360's Custom Indicators plug-in allows you to use and develop EasyLanguage analysis techniques.

Library of EasyLanguage Functions

You can create your own library of EasyLanguage functions. Just save your EasyLanguage file with extension ".lib.el" (for example, MyFunctions.lib.el), and your indicator is placed in a common library.

Detailed Trade Reports

Zaner Group, LLC provide each trader with a detailed report of their activity through a reporting suite that is fully integrated into the Zaner360.Trad

Trading Reports available:

  • Daily Fills
  • Daily Activity
  • Working Orders
  • Rejected Orders
  • Order Statistics
  • P&L Summary
  • Chat History
  • News History
  • Order Details
  • Daily Positions
  • Trade Logs
  • Open Orders

Any of the reports can be viewed online, generated in PDF format or exported to Excel.

Initial/Maintenance Margin

Margin in the Positions window allows traders the ability to view their necessary margin in relation to their open positions. The following Margin Types have been added to the position window as column choices:

  • Initial Margin Requirement - The funds required in a commodity account when a position either long (bought) or sold (short) is established.
  • Maintenance Margin Requirement - The equity point at which a margin call is issued to bring the account back to the initial/original margin level.


Sub Accounts

  • Are you trading multiple systems?
  • Do you need a separate account or tracking?

Zaner Group, LLC provides the ability for Master and Sub Accounts either separate or Co-Managed with the master account to leverage funds based on our traders requirements.

Subaccounts can be traded from the same login as the master account or separate logins can be created.

Pit and Electronic markets

In addition to the direct access we enable to the major electronic markets, we also provide access to most major traditional commodity markets. Many brokerages simply don't have the infrastructure or the technology to allow you to trade the traditional open-outcry futures markets, even though many important commodity futures continue to trade in the pits.

Zaner Group, LLC manages this complex routing to supply you with the best executions. Most of our pit orders are routed directly to electronic devices like handhelds and touch screens used by floor brokers in the trading pits. These devices help ensure the timeliest execution of your order. The broker keys your fill into the device, and you'll see it on your Zaner360 screen just moments later.

Institutional Clients, if you require special needs, ZGL can route orders by trader, by commodity or by both to a specific broker.

Inter-Product Spreads

Zaner Group, LLC has added support for the following Spreads:

  • Calendar Spreads
  • Commodity Spreads
  • Currency Spreads
  • Index Spreads
  • Inter Product Spreads
  • Rate Spreads

The buyer of an Inter-product Spread buys the first and sells the second component but the components refer to different underlying contracts, usually with the same expiration month. Inter-product Spreads are treated as separate products. If an Inter-product spread is executed there will be 2 separate positions for two different products located in the Positions window.

All Futures and Options Orders Held Server Side

One of the keys to our speed and reliability is the fact that all of the data critical to trading success is kept on our server rather than on your PC. This protects you from the unpredictable nature of connectivity from your PC to the server and eliminates storage requirements on your PC. In the event that a connection from your PC to the server is lost, any working orders will continue to work on the server.

Trading Volume Histogram

The Zaner360 now supports a volume histogram on the DOM and Charts. The histogram graphically offers the ability to help determine price levels of both support and resistance.

  • Can be easily enabled/disabled by clicking a button in the DOM toolbar
  • Can be fully customized to meet your unique requirements and style

COM Interface

Zaner Group, LLC now offers the ability to leverage the full functionality of our API and technology through the use of standard COM technologies such as C++. Now programmers wishing to write to the API are no longer constrained to using only .NET technologies to leverage the speed, functionality and reliability ZGL offers.

No Software Fees

Many software providers today charge a monthly fee to use their software regardless of whether or not you actually complete a trade that month. Worse yet, some software providers actually charge a minimum usage fee. This creates an unnecessary and costly expense that traders need to bear.

Zaner Group, LLC feels so strongly about the value of our software to traders that we never have, nor do we now, charge a "monthly" or "minimum" usage fee to use the Zaner360.

Fast Execution

The Zaner360 was built with speed and reliability in mind. Everything we do takes these two basic guiding principles into account.

Our Direct market connections ensure the timeliest supply of quote and chart data. These connections, along with the philosophy of holding all trades server-side ensure the fastest fills possible. In the event that the primary server and all redundant servers are not accessible, this information may be delayed.

You will see your end-to-end execution times detailed for every order.


Not sure if the Zaner360 is for you?

Interested in testing out a new strategy?

Zaner Group, LLC offers a full, wholly separate simulation environment with full streaming quote data and chart feeds.

In simulation, you can:

  • Explore the full functionality of our advanced ordering module.
  • View complete details about your working, filled, canceled, or rejected orders.
  • View depth of market, real-time charts, and streaming quotes for all electronic contracts.
  • Practice your trading strategy using Zaner360's rich functionality.
  • Give us feedback and comments about the trading system and how it worked for you.

Click here to open a paper trading account using the Zaner360 futures, options and FX platform

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