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Commodity Options book by Carley GarnerChuck Kawalski of About.com reviewed "Commodity Options" written by Carley Garner of DeCarley Trading.  Here is what he had to say...

There are many books written on trading options, but not many are specifically devoted tocommodity options. The authors ofCommodity Optionsdo an excellent job of covering the basics of commodity options and then transitions into trading them in the real world.

Commodity Option Strategies

The heart of the book deals with various option trading strategies. It is a must to understand which option strategy works best for your trading objective. Options allow you to use numerous combinations to fit almost any risk and profit parameters.

Each option strategy is fully explained with a summary of when to use it as well as the risk and profit profiles. The authors give a nice real world explanation of why you would or wouldn’t want to use each strategy. They also take into account brokerage commissions, which can destroy your profit potential on some option spreads....

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