Accredited Investors: Join us at the Virtual MoneyShow Expo in October

 Accredited Investor Virtual MoneyShow

Futures and Options Broker, Carley Garner, will host a live event for accredited investors and the October MoneyShow!


There will be over thirty speakers ranging from Jonathan Hoenig and Phil Flynn, covering various topics. The event streams from October 19th through the 21st. Details on our presentation are as follows:

WHEN: October 21, 2021 @ 2:45 Eastern

HOW: Click here to register for this event (accredited investors only)

TITLE: Portfolio Diversification and Hedging: How the futures and options markets can be used to hedge asset risk and diversify a traditional portfolio.

TOPIC: The futures markets were created to enable commodity end-users and producers to shift their price risk to speculators. However, investors in traditional assets such as stocks and bonds can efficiently shift portfolio risk to speculators via hedging strategies.

The futures markets also provide an efficient opportunity for diversifying a portfolio via asset classes such as gold and silver without the hassle of handling the physical metal or incurring storage and shipping costs. Further, those looking for an aggressive form of diversification might consider a managed futures program.

Come learn about the various hedging and diversifying tools offered by futures and options.




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