Futures and Options Paper Trading Account

Do you want to practice your commodity trading strategy, or get familiar with the futures and options markets, before Futures and Options Trading Demo Accountputting your money on the line?  

Sign up for a free commodity paper trading account today!

Click here to register for a free futures and options paper trading account using our most popular free-to-use trading platform, the Zaner360. 

With this paper trading account, you can execute futures contracts and options trades side-by-side using portfolio margining. This means you can use options to hedge future risks and vice versa. You can also practice entering option spreads and futures spreads (although these order types cannot be executed in the demo account without legging in and out of the trades). 

If you would like to paper-trade using one of our advanced platform upgrades (subscription costs apply), please browse our list of available commodity trading platforms, click here.



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