Futures and Options Trading Platforms

Futures and Options Trading Platforms


We are an independent IB with multiple clearing arrangements, thus we can offer most futures and options platforms available.  If you don't see what you are looking for, just ask!


DeCarley Trading and Zaner Group have worked hard to ensure our clients have access to one of the most sophisticated array of futures, options and FOREX platforms in the industry.  Whether you are looking for simple order entry, or complex analysis and charting...we have something for you.  However, with choice often comes confusion; please contact us at 1-866-790-TRADE(8723) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to simplify your search for the ultimate trading tool.

TradingView Trading Platform and Social Network for Traders

Web-Based Futures Platform (no options trading)TradingView Futures Platform and Social Network for Traders

Mac compatible

Cost: $10 per month plus 10 cents per trade for CQG connection

TradingView is a web service trading and charting platform, which also serves as a social network for traders to share ideas.  TradingView is available via a limited free version, or a paid subscription which offers access to multiple technical indicators, charting tools, and other premium trading features. 

This trading platform offers easy and intuitive futures market access for beginning commodity traders but is powerful enough for advanced chartists.  Further, TradingView has all of the tools you need to share your trading ideas and collaborate with other traders.

This trading platform can be used to trade futures and FOREX with DeCarley Trading; although the platform offers stock trading such products would need to be traded via a stock brokerage. You can connect multiple live brokerage accounts to the TradingView platform making it possible to use a traditional stock brokerage for stock trading and a futures brokerage for futures trading within the same platform.
DeCarley clients would connect to TradingView via the CQG server at a cost of $10 per month and 10 cents per trade (in addition to the cost of a TradingView subscription should traders opt for an upgraded plan).

*This platform does NOT offer options trading, it is futures only.  Clients may use the Zaner360 for options trading while simultaneously using TradingView for futures trades.  This can be done within a single trading account.


iBroker Web-Based Futures and Options Trading Platform

iBroker WebWeb-based commodity futures and options trading platform iBroker

Compatible on all devices, including MACs.

Markets: Futures and Options

Cost: No monthly fee, surcharge of 25 cents per trade

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a demo.

This web-based trading platform is a low-cost and convenient solution to traders of all sizes and types. The iBroker web offers traders an extremely user-friendly experience and the ability to log in from any computer without the necessity of a download! It also enables those using MAC computers to access and trade their accounts normally without the need for Parallels, or similar software.

If you are looking for a simple user interface to trade commodity options and futures or would like to be able to trade on the go, we highly recommend that you give this platform a look. The web platform and the Zaner360 can be used simultaneously.  This platform also offers mobile access via the iBroker app.

Features of this web accessible futures and options trading platform include, but are no limited to:

  1. Real time quotes on futures and options.
  2. Simple and clear option chain viewing.
  3. Point and click futures and options order placement.
  4. Depth of market data display (DOM panel).
  5. See open positions on the futures chart.
  6. Search, browse, and sort futures and options contract by name (no symbol knowledge necessary).
  7. Fully customizable real-time futures charts with technical indicators and drawing tools such as Fibonacci and the Gann fan.
  8. Easily create convenient "Watch Lists" to monitor the futures and options markets.
  9. Quick access to 'Last Viewed' futures and options contracts.
  10. One-click reverse position, close position, close all positions.
  11. Setup default order settings per contract.
  12. Fractional quotes support (view Treasury and grain futures in terms of their fraction value, not decimal).

Futures and options web application trading platform








CityTrader Web-Based Futures and Options Platform

Markets: Futures and Options

CityTrader Futures and Options Mac compatible platform


Simple, user-friendly and convenient.

Click here to register for a demo.

CityTrader is the next generation, web-based platform for trading futures and options on futures (Mac Compatible). CityTrader is one of the few options on futures trading platforms that enable traders to simply build and execute option spread orders.  Also, because it is a web-based application it enables traders to access the same features from any device or location without any downloads necessary. CityTrader brings advanced functionality, such as custom futures and options spread-building and RFQs (Request for Quotes), with the ease of an online trading platform to a broad audience of active traders and commodity market participants.


• Full exchange functionality including spreads and RFQs
• A simple, refreshing and intuitive design
• Robust risk controls to manage multiple accounts
• Full documentation with 24/7 support
• Cross-platform access so you can trade from modern web browsers as well as Windows and Mac desktop apps
• Dynamic market ladder along with charts and analytics
• City API, a set of secure and scalable REST-based APIs for customization

CityTrader Mobile Commodity Trading Platform

Click here to view a video library of CityTrader tutorials.



CQG Q-Trader Futures and Options Trading Platform

CQG Q-Trader Futures and Options Trading Platform

 This platform is $40 per month, plus .25 cents per trade.  Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for FREE a trial!



  • State-of-the-art charting and analytics

  • Portfolio and Instrument Monitors offering the broadest technical view of the markets

  • Efficient and easy-to-use order routing tools, including trading right from the chart

  • Spreadsheet trader, which offers the ability to track and trade a wide collection of markets

  • All popular order types, including market, limit, stop, stop limit, iceberg, trailing, DOM-triggered, and algorithmic orders

  • Orders that will automatically follow the study values on a chart

  • Ability to pull real-time market and study values into Excel® using the RTD syntax

  • Multiple trade execution interfaces in one comprehensive solution


Jigsaw Trading

Markets: Futures

This platform requires subscription fees, click here for details.

Jigsaw’s mission is to deliver rich, meaningful and useful trading information, enabling traders to make more informed trading decisions both in entering and managing trading positions.

Futures Trading Tools

  • Depth & Sales – An innovative Trading DOM that goes far beyond the functionality of a typical trading DOM. It is a fully integrated Order Flow tool giving you an unparalleled view of market strength. Jigsaw DOM shows participants pulling and stacking order activity.
  • Reconstructed Tape – The only Time & Sales product on the market that accurately reconstructs trades “split” by the US Futures exchanges. This tool zero’s in on showing which side larger market participants are on, with additional readability features that ensure maximum absorption of information.
  • Summary Tape – A “side by side” rolling summary of trade executions at each level, with built in rolling delta.
  • Alerts – Audio & Visual alerts for common order flow events such as Iceberg Order Detection, Delta Divergence, Bid/Offer Absorption and Block Trades
  • Strength Meters – Visual Meters for 3 major order flow components. Trade Executions, Pulling & Stacking, Bids and Offers.
  • Educational Material

Jigsaw doesn't just deliver futures trading tools and walk away. Their publicly available “Order Flow Foundation” training course is available to all, free of charge. Now being used in the commodity trading programs of Proprietary Trading firms in both the UK and Australia, with over 9 hours of training material, this course takes you from order flow novice to practitioner.

Community & Live Chat for Futures Traders

Jigsaw actively encourages communication between users of the software. Many customers have YouTube pages and blogs explaining how they use the software, along with live trade videos. Jigsaw has their own YouTube Channel and Blog, which has both material from Jigsaw and customers. In addition to this, there is a free chat room that all customers have access to. This is busiest around the open of the US markets. There’s even a button on the tools to take you directly to the chat.



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